Friday, 29 August 2014

Hampshire company fined for 5 health and safety breaches

Brooks Crownhill Patternmakers Ltd, a Hampshire manufacturer was fined £8,379 (inc. costs) after 5 breaches of health and safety regulations.
The company had not adequately managed or controlled the risks from the exposure to vibration, noise and dust.
As a result, workers experienced a range of symptoms which required further investigation and monitoring.
The HSE Inspector said:
“The company failed to fully control the numerous risks arising from its business activities. This has meant several employees developing symptoms relating to exposure to vibration, noise and dust, which could have been picked up sooner as part of a health surveillance programme. “Brooks Crownhill Patternmakers did not respond to changing workloads and processes, and failed to act on advice provided by its occupational health provider or by contractors servicing equipment. The company has since reviewed and made significant changes to its risk management and occupational health monitoring.”

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