Friday, 19 December 2014

Yet another brand new machine with a CE mark yet with inadequate guarding

I make no apologies for being boring about being wary of the CE mark.

Just because a machine is new and has this mark, it does not necessarily mean it is safe. Nor does it mean that it has been passed by the "CE Inspector"; there's no such beast, apart from some very specific pieces of equipment.

This is (obviously) a brand new grinder. The clear plastic guard simply lifts out and has no interlock. Both it and the blue guards are not high enough and you can easily reach the rotating grinding wheel.

Were there to be an accident, the employer would be liable for prosecution.  The supplier of the equipment should also be liable but, as the machine is foreign (Italian), it is normally too difficult to bring a case.

The employer now has to incur
 the cost of fitting proper guarding. 

What I always recommend is that companies specifically state in their purchase order that a percentage of the final payment will be withheld pending assessment of whether or not the equipment meets the requirements of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations. 

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