Thursday, 22 January 2015

Crisp producer fined after worker lost part of finger in unguarded sprocket

Herefordshire crisp producer Tyrells was fined £13,000 (inc. costs) on 19 January 2015 after a worker lost part of a finger in the moving parts of a fryer.

The circumstances were:
  • A chain and sprocket on a stirrer on a fryer was inadequately guarded.
  • On 7 November 2012 an employee was cleaning the machine.7
  • His finger caught in the nip point of the moving chain and sprocket.
  • His middle finger on the left hand was severed just below the first joint.
  • He was off work for two months but returned to work for the company. 
  • A fixed guard was later fitted to the chain and sprocket.

The HSE Inspector said:

“The incident was entirely preventable. Tyrells Potato Crisps Ltd failed to ensure that moving parts capable of causing injury and within hand reach were adequately guarded.  Employers are required to take effective measures to prevent access to dangerous parts of machinery, or stop their movement before any part of a person enters a danger zone.”

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