Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Tata Chemicals Europe Limited and Capper Industrial Contractors (CIC) fined a total of £425,000 after 2 incidents.

Tata Chemicals Europe Limited (TCEL) was fined £408,224 (inc.costs) and Capper Industrial Contractors (CIC) fined £13,000 (inc. costs) following safety failings on two separate occasions.
Incident 1:
  • On 30 May 2012, at the TCEL plant in Lostock a CIC employee was operating an open fronted vehicle to shovel a mound of hot/wet lime. 
  • This slumped into the open cab.

Incident 2:
  • On 3 May 2013 at the TCEL Winnington Plant an employee of TCEL was on a walkway eight feet high.
  • TCEL did not have an adequate inspection regime for the walkway, and did not ensure it was maintained in good condition.
  • The grating failed and the employee fell through and became trapped up to his waste in a corroded section of the grating, fortunately without serious injury.

The HSE inspector said:
“Both of these incidents could have been entirely prevented with regular assessment of risks, inspection of work equipment and ensuring correct safety procedures were in place.”

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