Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Pseudo Emergency stop

I found this on 5 machines today.

Looks like an emergency stop because it is a yellow box with a red mushroom headed button.
But the button doesn't move when you press it because it's not an emergency stop.
Slide the button to one side and it allows the lid to hinge up to expose the start and stop controls.

In this picture there are 3 yellow boxes with red mushroom head buttons. In an emergency, I'd go for the top one, but that's the spurious one.

There are two problems with this device:
  1. People recognise red mushroom buttons on a yellow background as emergency stops and therefore will go for this device in an emergency; I know I would.
  2. The practice of hiding the real stop button behind the cover is an impediment to stopping the machine, whether in an emergency or not.

What we're doing is to cut off the hinged lid so you end up with the stop and start buttons in a yellow box.

Note that these machines are from a British company, not a company in a distant country who may be unaware of harmonised European standards.

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