Saturday, 3 September 2016

GEA Mechanical Engineering fined £80,000 for fracture caused by poorly planned lifting operation

Milton Keynes based GEA Mechanical Engineering Limited was fined £80,831 (inc.costs) for safety failings after a worker suffered serious injuries to his leg.
The circumstances were:
  • On 29 January 2015 GEA workers were attempting to lift a 900kg decanter scroll back into its mobile trailer.
  • GEA failed to ensure that staff were suitably trained and competent to plan and carry out a lift of this complexity.
  • They were struggling to manoeuver it far enough into the trailer. 
  • They asked Ralph Jago, an employee from the office staff, to assist them.
  • During this operation, the decanter slid forward trapping Mr Jago’s right leg against metal racking. 
  • He was trapped for an hour and a half before fire and rescue services were able to free him.  
  • He suffered serious fractures to his right leg requiring metal rods and pins to be inserted


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