Saturday, 11 February 2017

H E Realisations fined £42,230 for injury due to unsafe overhead crane use

H E Realisations Ltd., a Cleckheaton engineering firm, was fined £42,230 (inc.costs) for safety breaches after a worker suffered life changing injuries.

The circumstances were:

  • On 24 February 2015, Kevin Tait was using equipment to lift an 18 tonne steel roll.
  • The equipment was poorly maintained. 
  • The lifting operation had not been suitably planned.
  • 18 tonne was above the safe working load of the equipment.
  • Part of one of the shortening clutches sheared causing the load to swing and strike Mr Tait on the head.  
H E Realisations are now in liquidation, hence the low level of the fine.
The HSE inspector commented:
“Lifting operations are hazardous and require a competent person to properly plan and supervise them to ensure that suitable and properly maintained equipment is used in the right configuration to avoid exceeding safe working loads. Kevin is incredibly lucky that he was not killed in this incident and he has suffered permanent life changing injuries as a result. This workplace accident has changed the lives of Kevin and his family irrevocably.”

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