Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Example of very poor SWL notices on new racking.

Here's an example of some really confusing safe working load (SWL) information on racking just installed by a specialist company.  The bays were of varying length (and varying beam depth, hence the otherwise surprising ability of a longer beam to sustain heavier loads than a short one.)

The first thing that is confusing is the variation between the notices.  Is the SWL for a 1150mm long level 500 kg or 750 kg? Similarly, is that for a 2235mm long level 1000 kg or 1500 kg?

The other thing that is confusing is positioning the 2225 and 3600 bay SWLs on the beam.

The whole thing is very poor and you cannot expect forklift truck drivers to understand, let alone follow, this.

A typical SEMA notice is as shown below. 

Note how it is quite clear what the bay load is and what the level load is.

In my opinion, what needs to be done in this situation where you have bays of varying width is to have the SWL per level and per bay marked on the lowest of the beams in each bay, eg "SWL: 500 kg per level, 2500 kg per bay".

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