Monday, 9 June 2014

Concrete product company fined after mould collapses

Milbank Concrete Products Ltd., an Essex firm which makes precast concrete stairs was fined £13,857 (inc. costs) on 3rd June 2014 after four employees fell when a stair mould collapsed beneath them.
The circumstances were:
  • The employees were working on a new precast concrete staircase and standing on a supporting frame, known as a ‘ski-slope'.
  • The stair mould was inadequately supported during the work.
  • As concrete was being poured into the mould to create the stairs, five props supporting the ski-slope collapsed, causing the four men to fall from heights ranging from 1m to 3m.

The HSE Inspector said:
“This incident could have been more serious. It could also have been easily prevented if it had been properly planned, assessed for risks, and sufficient training given. Having not carried out a proper risk assessment, Milbank Concrete Products therefore failed to have a safe system of work in place for the job and four workers were injured as a result.”

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