Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Is it necessary to retrain a new employee who is also a forklift truck driver?

A client recently asked if it was necessary to retrain a person who had a valid forklift truck training certificate when he joined the company before allowing him to drive a forklift truck.

The key points on which the employer must satisfy himself are:

  • Was the training on the category of forklift truck and the types of operations the driver would be exposed to at the new employer?
  • Was the training carried out by a competent trainer?

If the employer is satisfied with these, further training is not necessary.

It is worth referring to L117 Rider-operated lift trucks - Operator training and safe use

32 Employers should not allow anyone to operate, even on a very occasional basis, lift trucks within the scope of this ACOP who have not satisfactorily completed basic training and testing as described in this ACOP, except for those undergoing such training under adequate supervision. 

33 When arranging for training, employers should satisfy themselves that it is in accordance with this ACOP. Operator training should only be carried out by instructors who have themselves undergone appropriate training in instructional techniques and skills’ assessment.*

34 They should give instruction only on the types of lift truck and attachments for which they have been trained and successfully tested as operators. Instructors also need sufficient industrial experience to enable 
them to put their instruction in context and an adequate knowledge of the working environment in which the trainee will be expected to operate. 

67 After employees have successfully completed all three elements of training, 
you should give them written authorisation to operate the lift truck(s) they have been 
trained to use. You could issue authorisations on an individual basis and/or record 
them centrally. They should state the operator’s name, the date of authorisation, 
the types or categories of lift truck to which they relate and any special conditions, 
such as operational limitations. 

68 You should not allow anyone to operate lift trucks on any premises without 
authorisation (except a trainee under close supervision). You will also need to 
ensure authorised operators continue to be competent through regular monitoring 

and assessment (see paragraphs 75-76). 

L117 can be downloaded free from this link: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/priced/l117.pdf

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