Tuesday, 1 July 2014

ROSPA-funded strategic review of the management of occupational road risk

A study into occupational road risk (ORR) by UCL and TRR has shown some alarming  conclusions:

  • About 30% of fatalities and just over 22% of serious injuries were sustained when somebody was driving as part of their work.
  • This is not changing (as is clear from the graph above).
  • Deaths and serious injuries are around 5750 per year
  • The information on crashes and casualties whilst driving for work is sparse and its accuracy is not known.
  • With a few exceptions, work related road safety (WRRS) is not part of mainstream risk management within companies.
  • There is no requirement for work-related road injuries to be recorded in RIDDOR, nor is there any way of separating such data so ORR can be analysed.

The report made recommendations on overcoming these shortfalls.

Note that, for several years, managing occupational road risk has been a key part of
OHSAS 18001 safety management systems provided by Strategic Safety Systems.

The full report is available from the link below:


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