Friday, 29 May 2015

Shred-it fined over £19,000 after new worker loses parts of fingers in shredding machine

Manchester company Shred-it Limited, was fined £19,485 (inc.costs) after an new employee was injured by a shredding machine.
The circumstances were:
  • The paper shredder at its Iver, Bucks., plant had inadequate guarding.
  • On 31 December 2013 Stuart Rolls, who had only worked for Shred-it Limited for two weeks, was alone in the shredder compartment. 
  • He tried to free a piece of paper by reaching into the shredder. 
  • His right hand came into contact with the shredder knives. 
  • He lost a finger, part of his thumb and the top of another finger.

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