Friday, 24 July 2015

370 kg workpiece falls from forklift truck, causing leg fracture.

Paintshop Northern Limited, an HGV spray painting company, was fined £4991 (inc. costs) after an item fell from a forklift truck, causing a serious fracture to a worker's leg.
The circumstances were:
  • On 6 June 2014, two 370 Kg suspension arms were being spray painted.
  • Both of the arms were hanging down from the forks, near the tips, of a forklift truck.
  • These had been raised to a height of 2 metres to allow the spray painting to be done.
  • Neither of the two suspension arms had been secured to the forks of the truck by means of chains or slings. 
  • The worker on the factory floor was trying to assist the truck operator to get the painted suspension arms off the forks when one of them fell off knocking him over and fracturing his leg.

The HSE inspector said: “This employee had a serious injury that could have been far worse as a result of this company’s numerous failures. The whole operation using the fork lift truck to lift heavy materials in an unconventional way was unsafe from start to finish. The load carried needed to be secured to the truck and proper supervision in place to ensure that it was lowered to the ground in a safe way. The injury to this worker was entirely preventable.”

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