Friday, 12 August 2016

Lack of non-standard work system nearly causes death

Essential Supply Products Limited, a Worcestershire-based manufacturer was fined £22,714 (inc. costs) after a worker nearly lost his life when a door collapsed and pinned him to a baler.
The circumstances were:
  • On 5 May 2015, two maintenance workers were replacing the bottom of a heavy sectional door at the factory.
  • Managers had failed to recognise the risks involved in the maintenance work that was taking place. 
  • There was no appropriate equipment, instruction or training provided to the workers to ensure the method of work was safe.
  • While removing the hinges and brackets the door collapsed, pinning one of the workers between it and a baler that was next to the door.
  • The worker suffered serious injuries including broken ribs and asphyxiation which led to a lost of consciousness for eight hours. He has since made a full recovery.
This is a classic example of non-standard work. Refer to SSS White Paper 23 for how to control non-standard operations.

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