Friday, 12 August 2016

Pauls Malt fined over £100,000 for fall due to poor work at height method of work

Pauls Malt Limited was fined £102,257 (inc.costs) after an agency worker was injured when he fell from a ladder.
The circumstances were:
  • The worker was in the process of checking the fill level of the malt in a container at the West Knapton malting factory, near Malton. 
  • The container was fitted with a full-size fabric liner with a high level loading flap which would be zipped up once the container was full.
  • The company had not carried out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of the work at height involved in closing the zipped flaps on the fabric liners.
  • A system of work had developed which involved propping a 4-metre long ladder against the rear of the container to gain access to the zip-up flap. The ladder was too long for this purpose and was propped at too shallow an angle.
  • On 6 May 2015, the worker was checking the fill level when the foot of the ladder slipped outwards, causing the agency worker to fall 2m with the ladder.
  • He sustained two fractures to his right foot and bruising to his chest and head injuries.

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